We are the Party of common sense, something that has been thrown out the window by the current Government and the ineffectual Opposition.
The time for change has arrived.
Regardless of the effects of the current MMP system there has always been mainly a 2-horse race, National vs Labour. We have become disillusioned with the collapse of voter support, loss of valuable political knowledge, and general destruction of the historic National ethos.
We believe that it is a basic requirement of our Kiwi nation that we are all one , together, and occupy our land as Kiwi’s, not as fractured and separated communities within. Separatism has no place in our belief.
We have some specific “Set in Stone” policy statements that we believe can bring about a more cohesive and fundamentally enhanced New Zealand. We look forward to the next elections, in 2023.
We invite your support and suggestions and will listen to all ideas that are relevant to our pathway.
Want to be a candidate for NNP? Contact us to discuss this option.
We have coined the name “New Nation Party” to give title to our objective of rebuilding and enhancing our fine country in 2024.
Please share our page and visit our website to meet our people and see our policy page.
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